The first bottle of Moxie, a new uniquely flavored carbonated beverage, was sold in 1885, then called "Moxie Nerve Food," a healthy concoction of herbs and roots in an era of strange patent medicines and elixirs. Created in Lowell by a Maine-born physician, Moxie took the New England market by storm and through clever and extensive advertising dominated the beverage market for decades, even outselling Coca-Cola early on. Trials and tribulations, innovations, sugar shortages, U.S. presidents, Ted Williams, and MAD magazine are all part of the brand's mystique and rich 135+ year old history, including the fact that it is now the state of Maine's Official Soft Drink and fully enjoyed by a solid core of faithful fans with distinctively different taste buds. Read all about it in the book Moxie which can be ordered HERE .


Presently, the Moxie brand is owned by The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) of Atlanta GA who have authorized three bottlers to produce and distribute the beverage. Click on the graphics below to get to their respective websites and get more information about them and how to contact them:



  Coca-Cola Northeast (CNE) with headquarters in Bedford, NH produces Moxie in its Londonderry, NH bottling plant. Its distribution area covers much of New England, northern New York state, and a small section of Pennsylvania. If you live in the CNE distribution area and can't find Moxie locally, BUG YOUR LOCAL RETAILER and his CNE representative and/or CNE itself.

Orca Beverage, Inc. Produces Moxie in Mukilteo, WA (outside of Seattle) in 12oz glass bottles using cane sugar. They distribute through "specialty soda" outlets throughout the country and ship directly to addresses in the 48 contiguous US states.





  Catawissa Bottling Company produces Moxie in Catawissa, PA, also in 12oz glass bottles using cane sugar (they also produce in other sizes and sell cans from CNE). They distribute locally and also through a few "specialty soda" outlets. We have asked them for a list of outlets which handle their products, but have not received one yet.

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