This page is dedicated to stories about the Moxie Mystique which make this product truly unique among the many iconic things which make America America. As time goes on we will add stories about bottle wagons and horsemobiles, a stern-faced guy pointing at you, relationships with the likes of movie stars, US Presidents, Ted Williams, MAD magazine, and a host of other quirky tales. For starters, here is a story about the Moxie name itself:
What's in a Name?         
  The year 2007 marked the 100th anniversary of the distinctive Moxie logo. Before 1907, Moxie Nerve Food was identified a number of ways. The words "Moxie" and "Moxie Nerve Food" were registered marks with the Patent Office early on, but there was no "standard" lettering style....

From 1884 through the early 1900's, fonts varied from simple to quite ornate...block letters or some "stylish" rendering of the graphic artist's choice.

Sometime in the 1905 timeframe, the first attempt was made to standardize on a that we now call the Moxie "FOXTAIL."

Many of us liked this much so that we used it as a model for our present NEMC logo.


Sometime in 1907, the now-familiar rendering of the Moxie logo, with the sweeping crossbar on the "X", was devised.

The version on the left just preceded the final version on the right....the one which made it as a registered trade mark.

From 1907 onward, this new logo/trademark was  used on labels and and all other Moxie advertising:

<--- 1906 and before


1907 and after --->

(Note: the "Moxie Nerve Food Co." became just the "Moxie Co." after approximately 1910.)


Examples of labels used up through mid-century (dates approximate):

After WWII, the Moxie logo was standardized even further, and has been used in this format (with some variations) ever since.

This format, with the "open" lettering is also a registered trademark: 

Shown below are some of the variations used from the '50's through the '70's or so.x

Now the fun part: When is moxie Moxie, and when is it not Moxie??

Yes, folks....all these "products" are (or were) officially sanctioned by the Moxie powers-to-be at some point.

(except the one above, thank goodness!)

Now we come to the part where Moxie (the drink) has a problem which Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, or Orange Crush never had to deal least to the extent that Moxie did.....

Since Moxie early on did such a good job promoting itself as a "Nerve Food" and THE beverage to complement the "strenuous life", the word "moxie" entered the English language as being synonymous with guts, vim, vigor, and an indomitable spirit. This was all well and good, but as the popularity of the beverage diminished over time, other folks picked up on this "new word" and somehow were able to use it to describe all kinds of stuff, and even had the "moxie" to use it as their own registered trade mark (which was apparently kosher, as long as they didn't use it to describe a beverage-related product).

Confused?  Okay gang, let's add to the confusion:   

Some examples of "moxie" designations which seem to come uncomfortably close to the Moxie (beverage) logo we are used to.

Apparently, at least at the time, the Moxie powers-to-be either permitted these to happen, and/or let them slide without a big fight....


Some other examples of other "moxie" usage which may tend to boggle the mind:




<--- and this is Moxie Sour Ale!

by New Holland Brewing Co, Holland MI








Oh, yeah...then there are some other "moxie" variants which add more modox to the fire...


word to the wise...

watch out for too many "X"s in the logo.....



Restaurants, books, coffee, beer, wine, golf clubs, PR firms, guns, dolls, design studios, scooters, movies, cosmetics, games, records, and a magazine for the woman who dares......guess they all think they "got moxie!"

Well maybe so, but we got Moxie!!

The "real thing" (oops....didn't somebody else use that line?).



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